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We are a mobile Veterinarian practice.  Our in home exams and treatments make for happier pets, as well as happier (less stressed) owners!

We are three moms working hard to combine the old school personal care that house call visits inherently provide with the most current techniques and medical treatment available today.  

We pride ourselves in providing the perfect care for each individual pet.  All of our patients require different care and Dr. Sharri, Wendi and Karen work very hard to research the individual needs for each of them as well as their owners. 

If you live in the Somerset Hills or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further.  Sharri Hill, DVM is a licensed New Jersey veterinarian and the owner of Highland Vet House Calls. 

Dr. Hill has years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make the appointment comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in their own home and look forward to meeting Dr. Hill.

Please feel free to browse our site, particularly the informational articles. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential to the ongoing success of your animal’s health.  We also welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter, which is created especially for you, the pet owner. 

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    The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis which can be due to wear and tear on joints from over use, aging, injury, or from an unstable joint such as which occurs with a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in the knee. The chronic form of this disease is called degenerative joint disease ...

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    Leptospirosis is a serious, life-threatening disease caused by a spiral shaped bacteria. Dogs, cats, other animals and even people can be infected through exposure to urine, bite wounds, ingestion of infected flesh, or contact with contaminated soil, water and even bedding. Certain environmental conditions ...

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    Over 85% of dogs and cats have some type of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease simply means that the gums and bone that hold the teeth in place are being destroyed by oral bacteria. This preventable disease is the number one diagnosed disease in our pets, yet many animals suffer needlessly. Periodontal ...

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    Feline Distemper

    Feline distemper or feline panleukopenia is a highly contagious viral disease of kittens and adult cats caused by the feline parvovirus. It is also called panleukopenia as it affects the bone marrow and causes low white blood cell counts. It is relatively common in unvaccinated cats and is often fatal, ...

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    Bloat and Gastric Torsion

    Bloat and gastric torsion is a serious condition and your pet should be rushed to the emergency room if this occurs. Certain breeds of dogs with deep chests and narrow waists, such as hounds, bouvier des Flandres, or doberman pinschers are more susceptible to a syndrome of gastric torsion and bloat. This ...

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    Tapeworms live in the digestive tracts of vertebrates as adults and often in the bodies of various animals as juveniles. In a tapeworm infection, adults absorb food predigested by the host, so the worms have no need for a digestive tract or a mouth. Large tapeworms are made almost entirely of reproductive ...

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    Seizures are common in dogs, but more unusual in cats. Seizures are just symptoms which can occur with many kinds of diseases. They can happen because of diseases outside the brain or inside the brain. Low blood sugar that can happen with an overdose of insulin or with a tumor of the pancreas can cause ...

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    Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

    The rupture of the cruciate ligament is the most common knee injury in the dog. This injury has two common presentations. One is the young athletic dog playing roughly who acutely ruptures the ligament and is non-weight bearing on the affected hind leg. The second presentation is the older, overweight ...

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    Luxating Patella

    Luxating patella is a condition where the kneecap (patella) moves out of its normal position. Luxating patella is one of the most common knee joint abnormalities of dogs, but it is only occasionally seen in cats. It may affect one or both of the knees. In some cases it moves (luxates) towards the inside ...

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    Epilepsy (often referred to as a seizure disorder) is a chronic neurological condition characterized by recurrent unprovoked seizures. It is commonly controlled with medication, although surgical methods are used as well. Epileptic seizures are classified both by their patterns of activity in the brain ...

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Thank you to Highland Vet House Calls for coming to our home & treating our big boy, Bettis. Can't say enough about the professionalism, expertise & most importantly the genuine concern for our baby. You guys are the best!!"
  • "Shari has been our vet for 25 plus years. She has cured, ministered, sutured and helped our furry family to heaven all while consoling us in the process. You cannot ask for a more ethical and compassionate vet."
  • "The veterinarian care is top notch! Wonderful staff & Dr. Sharri is the real deal. I've bred horses & have had dogs & cats my whole life. I've met a lot of vets over the years. When I moved to Somerset County, I tried a few before being referred to her. So happy that we have Highland Vet!"
  • "Dr. Hill and Karen are positively amazing. Patient, caring and compassionate. Our senior pup us always happy to see Dr. Hill, and now our Yorkie has a new lease on life!"
  • "Highly recommend. Dr. Sharri and staff take such good care of my cat. Also Dr Sharri is the first to recommend the high protein diet for my cat which resulted in weight loss and lessened his risk for diabetes. Now he is a playful and energetic cat instead of sleeping ALL the time! Friendly and professional staff"